Podcasts I Like

Ancient Histories – Scott C.  This podcast covers the time period from the first human civilizations to 500 BC.  I hope Scott continues past 500 BC.  It is always interesting and he has the smoothest podcaster voice I have heard.

Aviation Xtended – Pieter Johnson. A great aviation podcast with aerospace as well. Very professional. If your are in to aviation give this podcast a try.

History of England – David Crowther.  I was attracted to this podcast due to my limited knowledge on the subject.  David does an excellent job of explaining the history and is delivery is very professional.  He has over 90 episodes and updates regularly.

History of World War II – Ray Harris Jr.  World War II is one of my favorite subjects.  I thought I knew World War II pretty well until I began listening to Ray’s podcast.  He is incredibly detailed and that is the best part of the podcast.  Listen to this podcast and you will definitely learn new things about WWII.

Twilight Histories – This podcast has a Twilight Zone, sci-fi/fantasy feel which I really love. The music and sound effects are first rate.  Jordan is currently working on an alternative history with Germany winning World War I.  I can’t wait to hear it.

5 thoughts on “Podcasts I Like

  1. I just love your podcasts. I drive about an hour to work and the trip just flys as i am listening to your wonderful and factual stories of rockets and the men who made, directed and flew them, thank you

  2. I work in the Mechanical Engineering industry and have always dreamed of working in the aerospace industry. As I design/draft I listen to your fascinating fascinating narrative and become inspired. Please continue to develop your Space Exploration Podcast alongside completing this series of podcasts. You have an avid listener.

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