Space Rocket History #349 – Apollo 15 – Meanwhile on Endeavour

After being cooped up together so closely with his fellow astronauts inside Endeavor, Worden enjoyed stretching out for his solo flight.  Now he really got to fly.

2 thoughts on “Space Rocket History #349 – Apollo 15 – Meanwhile on Endeavour

  1. I found this episode very interesting. Being a bit of a loner myself, I could relate to Worden’s ‘comfortableness’ with being alone in the CM. I hadn’t realised how much science was carried out by Apollo 15 in orbit. Your script was excellent, too. Well done for a top episode.
    Cheers from the Bottom LH corner of Western Australia.

    • Thanks Rob. Most of that script came directly from Al Worden’s book so he deserves the credit. I just smoothed it out a bit.

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