Feb 17

Space Rocket History #358 – Apollo 16 – Trans-Lunar Coast

“Unlike the roller-coaster ride of Earth orbit, we are entering a slow-motion domain where time and distance seem to have more meaning than speed.” Mike Collins 

Feb 03

Space Rocket History #357 – Apollo 16 – TLI, Transposition & the LM Fuel Leak?

It looked like they had a leak from one of the propellant tanks on the Lunar Module.  If so, that meant abort! 

Jan 20

Space Rocket History #356 – Apollo 16 – Climb to Orbit

Duke was startled. Why was it shaking so hard? What in the world was happening? There had to be something wrong with this rocket. He didn’t recall any briefing to expect this violent vibration as they sat on the launch pad.

Jan 06

Space Rocket History #355 – Apollo 16 – The Launch

T-90 seconds and all Charlie Duke could think about was let’s go! There was no fear, no reluctance, no second thoughts. He was consumed with the desire to hear the words Lift-off.  He felt this was his one and only chance.